Is write a right fit?

Of course.

Write’s first priority is community and breaking down barriers to get to the heart of everyone.  Sure.  We dig style and attention to the relaxed northwest lifestyle, but we love honesty and art and laughter and really great coffee and secrets and beauty and songs and characters that inspire.  We sense that in you, too, if you’re reading this.  If you are at all wondering if you should be here, magically, you’re meant to be here.  It’s the spirit of Doe Bay.  When you come, you’ll understand what we mean. 

Our lives are busy are full and dramatic and lonely and beautiful and creative and fun and hard.  We owe it to ourselves to replenish our artistic battery, to connect with people who push us to become a better version of our true selves and to unlock a story that’s waiting to be told.  We demand space with others who see in pictures, in songs, in made up stories, in clear narratives.  We seek a chance to unwind and be still in the beauty of evergreens and fog and salty waters. 

What matters is your connection to art, your ability to sit within the stories of others and be changed by their words.  It matters most how you tell your tale, what genre finds you when you least expect it.  Your craft demands you to become your very best self. We’ll help you place routine and practice and tradition back into your busy days to restore your gift.  From published author to long-ago journaler, Write is right for you. From a child of the 1930s to a child of the 1990s, Write is right for you.

Through shared meals and close space within an ocean-side house, we’ll explore fiction and memoir and song and art and publishing and essays and film.  We’ll laugh.  Some of us will cry.  We’ll make new friends and a whole lot of memories.