kim krans

Kim Krans is an artist, author, and creator of The New York Times bestseller, The Wild Unknown Tarot. She received her BFA at Cooper Union in NYC, MFA at Hunter College, and is currently pursuing a MA in Jungian psychology and creativity at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. She teaches events and workshops that activate the forces of creativity and radical transformation through art, meditation, and movement. Kim lives on the west coast where she surfs, draws, and wonders at those big wonders of life.

Kim's additional publications include: The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck, The Wild Unknown Journal, and children's books 123 Dream, ABC Dream, Hello Sacred Life, Hello Sacred Creatures and Whose Moon is That?

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J. Ryan Stradal

J. Ryan Stradal is the author of the New York Times bestselling novel Kitchens of the Great Midwest, which was translated into twelve languages, optioned by Warner Brothers, and won numerous awards, including American Book Association's Indies Choice Award for Adult Debut Book of the Year in 2016. His shorter writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Granta, The Rumpus, and the Los Angeles Review of Books, among other places. Born and raised in Minnesota, he now lives in Los Angeles, where he co-hosts a culinary-themed reading series called Hot Dish, volunteers at the literary/educational nonprofit 826LA, and has worked as a TV producer, notably for Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch. Stradal’s next novel, The Lager Queen of Minnesota, is forthcoming from Pamela Dorman Books/Viking in July 2019.

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Erin Rose Belair

Erin Rose Belair is a multi-genre writer living in Southern California. She received her MFA from Boise State University and has since gone to publish several stories from her first collection, Vinegar. She has spent the past two years traveling and working as a travel essayist, but has recently hunkered down to finish her debut novel. Her work tends to defy genre as she moves seamlessly between fiction and non-fiction, earning stripes in both. She has an affinity for animal facts, places we call home, and how we thrive under heartache. You can get a taste for her work on her blog where she experiments in micro non-fiction or her Instagram @roseblaque. 

Tammi Salas


Tammi Salas is an artist, author, student, late-bloomer and co-host of The Unruffled Podcast, a weekly show that explores all topics relating to the intersection of creativity and recovery. After attending Write Doe Bay in the Spring of 2014, she returned home with her creative fire lit. She re-enrolled in college and will soon be transferring to Sonoma State University to pursue her BFA. Tammi lives in a small town in Northern California that boasts more cows than people. She makes art everyday and credits this practice as the path to her spiritual overhaul and creative awakening.

Tammi has self-published  My Daily Gratitude Practice: How I Got Started and Found My Visual Voice and has written a gratitude list everyday since December 10, 2015. Her illustrations can be found gracing the The Mantra Project: 40 Days of Sobriety Email Course, a collaboration with Holly Whitaker, Founder of The Temper (formerly Hip Sobriety).

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