Sierra Nelson is an award winning poet, performer, instillation artist, and teacher. Her collaborative nature is unguarded and spans genres and disciplines.  Her evocative, marine science-inspired poems accompanied Adam Summers’ photographs of the inner-life of fish and traveled the northwest in exhibition.  This project beautifully weaves the intersections of poetry, art and science and highlights her intrinsic value of collaboration in her highly creative artistic world.  Write Doe Bay believes deeply in the power of exposure to opposing genres in order to steep the full power within our given, albeit chosen, path.  Write also knows we do not go about our creative pursuits alone and that we share our best ideas and processes when we come together.  According to Sierra, Collaborating renews belief in the creative process.  Because you don’t feel the burden of the creative process resting entirely on yourself, it’s easier to trust and be excited about what unfolds.  Collaborating with other people puts you in the right attentive space to get there more often, helping you to access it even when writing alone. Sierra’s art is beautiful and troubling, sometimes shakingly hilarious, sometimes reminiscent of a forgotten past, and sometimes washed with child-like innocence and elaborateness.