Karen Frinnyfrock is a poet, young adult novelist and teaching artist.  Her generosity of spirit and lack of ego allow artists around her to absorb her creative energy and use expressive narrative in dynamic ways for storytelling.  Write Doe Bay believes in the story of it all, and Karen’s path to writing YA Fiction is deeply moving.  After the death of her sister, Karen found that she could not explore contemporary adult fiction anymore.  In a state of grief, she returned to the novels of her own childhood and found not only a sense of peace and healing, but a place of great inspiration for her own writing path that began in poetry.  Frinnyfrock’s YA Novels are character-rich and immersive reading experiences.  Her creative use of plotlines and deeply developed characters make Karen Frinnyfrock an amazing Teaching Artist for Write.  She believes in the artistic community and support offered when artists share space with other artists.  “…Writing happens in a community – whether you find that community or create it, it’s best to find like-minded people who will nurture your voice while you nurture theirs … That learning and developing process should be joyful – it’s not about the end result, its about learning and growing in a community of writers.”