Adra Boo is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, emcee, and burlesque singer. She is half of the dynamic powerhouse behind the soul-hip hop-funk musical group Fly Moon Royalty. Adra is a force and oozes an unrivaled creative energy that uplifts and inspires.  Adra is also kind and approachable and incredibly down to earth.  She is confident and full of power.  She commands an audience, tells a story and engages the audience until the last note.  Adra Boo has strong roots in the theater community and a deep family history in music.  “My late grandma sang in the house,” she says, “my mom sings, all my uncles were in bands, played drums or guitars, and they rapped and sang all the time.  Sometimes, when we all get together, we just start going off on some old school song and everybody goes in.”  Adra has a songwriting style that’s been described as raw and tender.  Her lyrics are melodic confessionals, drawing strength from her vulnerability and honesty.  Write Doe Bay is excited to have Adra as a Teaching Artist.  As artists, we look forward to the place she accompanies our inner voice to, and we eagerly await to learn more about the secrets to her creative spark, her artistic routines and the sources of her inspiration.   

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