Tara Conklin is an international human rights lawyer, short fiction writer and the author of The House Girl, a New York Times Bestseller, #1 IndieNext pick and Target book  club pick.  The House Girl is a Historical Fiction novel that features two unforgettable heroines.  With clues in the past and answers in the present, this novel tells the unforgettable story of love, history and a search for truth in both 1852 Virginia and modern-day New York.   Conklin is a master at switching between the two narratives, the two time periods.  Her second novel, The Last Romantics, is forthcoming in 2017 from William Morrow/Harper Collins, is a novel of family, siblings, and love and loss.  Write Doe Bay loves the artistic leap Tara took to finish the early drafts of The House Girl.  She’d been writing the story on and off for several years.  “I didn’t think I was writing a novel,” she says.  “It was just another story but it kept getting longer and longer.  There were many times I set it aside.  I had two young kids…”  But she couldn’t get the story out of her head.  So she did the research, surrendered to the relentless spirit of the craft, and wrote in the spaces of her busy days whenever she could.  Write Doe Bay is excited to learn more about Tara Conklin and her literary craft.