Daniel Blue is best known as the singer/lyricist in the Seattle folk/rock band Motopony. Having released three records the band has toured half way around the world to festivals in India and shows in the UK as well as circling the US twice in the past 12 months.  When in the UK the band had found themselves in Abbey Road Studios with producer Rob Cass and recorded a live EP. Rob took to Daniel's spirit and writing and immediately offered to record his debut solo album.  Having worn many hats and many pants in the “creativity” world, from fashion design, graphic design, painting, directing, theater, and rock stardom…  poetry, song and prose seem to bring him the most in joy to success ratios.  Daniel is currently putting the finishing touches on his solo record, learning to Instagram, blogging his adventures, writing a new record with Motopony and writing one on one with musicians he loves.