Claire is a therapist specializing in grief, and the author of three books of nonfiction: The Rules of Inheritance (Penguin, 2012), After This: When Life Is Over Where Do We Go? (Penguin, 2015) and Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief (Da Capo, 2018).

Claire has written for The New York Times, The Huffington Post,, Slate, Chicago Public Radio, The Guardian, Psychology Today, Yoga Journal, and BlackBook Magazine.

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Daniel Blue is best known as the singer/lyricist in the Seattle alt-psych-electro band Motopony. With the success of their two full-length albums and a recording journey from the iconic Abbey Road studios, Motopony has toured halfway around the world and back playing festivals including SXSW, India's NH-7 Weekender, UPstream and Bumbershoot, with 2018 US tours and dates all across UK and Europe.

Daniel has been a full time artist since the age of 18. He has worked (and paid rent) as a fashion designer, visual artist, poet in residence, blog author, creative director, teacher, speaker and singer/songwriter. He believes creativity is an innate part of the human experience and found in a state of childlike play. Most of the content found in his lectures and presentations require group participation and engender an imaginative-creative spirit of collaborative play.

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Joy Prouty is a mother to 5, photographer, and writer based in Tennessee. As the owner of Wildflowers Photography, Joy travels the country documenting people in a profound way. Her images tell stories like no other and her work and stories have been featured in places such as People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, and numerous other high profile blogs and magazines. 

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